Forthcoming A Disabled Apostle: Impairment and Disability in the Letters of Paul (Oxford: Oxford University Press) 

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Article Rejections since 2018: 21 (I have had articles rejected from NTS, ZNW, JBL, JSNT, NovT, JSJ, BBR, JECS)

Forthcoming      “A Visual Depiction of Jewish Circumcision at Dura-Europos” Journal for the Study of Judaism (accepted July 2022)

Forthcoming      “The Little Messiah: Jesus as τῇ ἡλικίᾳ μικρός in Luke 19:3,” Journal of Biblical Literature (accepted June 2022) 

2022     “Absent in Body, Present in Spirit: Apostolic Iconography in Greek Byzantine New Testament Manuscripts,” Religions 13/7, 574.

2022     “Satan and Circumcision: The Devil as the ἄγγελος πονηρός in Barn 9:4,” Vigiliae Christianae 76: 60-72.

2021     “The Bestial Glans: Gentile Christ Followers and the Monstrous Nudity of Ancient Circumcision,” Journal for the Jesus Movement in its Jewish Setting 8: 90-104.

2021     “The Short Apostle: The Stature of Paul in Light of 2 Cor 11:33 and the Acts of Paul and Thecla,” Early Christianity 12.2: 159–178. 10.1628/ec-2021-0013

2021     “Her Body Healed: IATAI in Mark 5,29,” Novum Testamentum 63/3: 289-303.

2021     “Disability and New Testament Studies: Reflections, Trajectories, and Possibilities,” Journal of Disability and Religion 25/4: 374-387.

2020     “‘In Strength’ not ‘by Force’: Re-reading the Circumcision of the Uncircumcised ἐν ἰσχύι in 1 Macc. 2.46,” Journal for the Study of the Pseudepigrapha 29.3, 149-167.

2015     “Paul the Necromancer: Luke’s Use of the Hapax ‘γνώστης’ in Acts 26:3.” Reformed Theological Review 74.2, 109-121.

Chapters in Edited Volumes

Forthcoming      “Medicine, Health, and Disability in New Testament Households.” in The Oxford Handbook of Households in the Biblical World. Eds.  Carol Meyers, Eric Meyers, Chris de Wet, and John T. Fitzgerald (Oxford: Oxford University Press) 

Forthcoming      “The Economic Conflagration of the Sacred Cult and Early Christian Preservation of Sacred Funds” in New Documents Illustrating the History of Early Christianity Volume 11. Eds. James R. Harrison and Brad Bitner. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans.  

Forthcoming      “They Love to Have the Place of Honour”: Ephesian Priority Seating and Early Christian Honorific Culture in New Documents Illustrating the History of Early Christianity Volume 11. Eds. James R. Harrison and Brad Bitner. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans. 

Forthcoming      “Raised in Pieces: Resurrection and Disability in the Ezekiel Cycle of the Dura-Europos Synagogue” in a forthcoming Festschrift.

Forthcoming      “Sounding Forth”: Reading the Thessalonians as God’s Musical Instrument” in The First Urban Churches. Volume 7: Thessalonica (Thessalonike). Eds. James R. Harrison and Larry L. Welborn (Writings from the Greco-Roman World Supplements, Atlanta, SBL Press)